Why I want my book behind bars

Usually one goes behind bars when they have committed a crime and it was determined that a sentence is warranted, which is usually a stint behind bars. In this case, I want to send my book to jail to be an agent of rehabilitation.

I believe Thank You! With Deepest Gratitude has the power to rehabilitate in the sense that it can bring about an awakening of gratitude across many universal parts of life such as relationships, how we spend our time, and the decisions we make. Through simple language and relatable life experiences, I challenge readers to explore the necessary foundation for a life of gratitude, and help them recognize the manifold benefits of it.

I recently donated my book, Thank You! With Deepest Gratitude, to be distributed in local prisons in hopes that it may spread some encouragement to the men and women behind bars. I was overcome with emotions thinking that, if this book could reach one person and change his or her outlook on life, or offer some comfort in their particular circumstance, then it would have been a success.

Happy New Year to all,

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