Things my toddlers are teaching me, pt. 2

Whenever I see toddlers with a parent, I get this overwhelming feeling of joy, and I am quickly reminded of what a gift it is to be a parent. I have a two-year-old son and a four-year-old daughter, and it is thrilling to watch them develop. As they learn, I learn from them, in turn. The lessons they teach me arrive on a daily basis, moment to moment and often not in words, but in their mannerisms and interactions. They are sometimes humorous, other times cringe-inducing, but always enlightening. I’d like to share another one with you today. (Full Series)

They are teaching me the importance of friends.

As I observe my kids in the neighborhood or in line at daycare, I have a front row seat to the interactions with their potential new friends. There is a sense of discovery anew as they take in their surroundings. On opening day of the new school season, if there is a new kid in line, my toddlers would fixate on a child’s school bag or a piece of clothing, walk up to the new kid, and start a conversation. This has taught me to be more open to meeting and engaging with my neighbors, and others in general, and not concerned with how my actions would be received. It has taught me that, while we may have our high school friends and others with whom we have shared experiences, there is always room to make new friends and enjoy the process as these new friendships grow. Just as kids can bring smiles to our faces, us grownups must also continue striving to be a light for others. You never know how a simple smile may change the trajectory of someone’s day, or how making a friend may change the trajectory of one’s life.

If, like me, you look for and appreciate the lessons we can learn from everyday life, I’d like to recommend my book, Thank You! With Deepest Gratitude. In it, I share many more stories and observations from my ongoing search for a life of gratitude.