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Thank You! With Deepest Gratitude is the award-winning debut title from author and motivational speaker, Michael Floissac.

Thank You! With Deepest Gratitude isn’t another how-to book on gratitude. Instead, author Michael Floissac takes you on a guided tour through a life lived with gratitude, where you can absorb lessons learned through experience, and emerge transformed from the inside out.

From a sun-kissed childhood in the Caribbean, through world travels and homelessness, to the everyday trials of modern parenthood, prepare to be treated to an intimate yet relatable exploration of the power of gratitude to transform lives.

Part devotional, autobiography, and workbook, Thank You! With Deepest Gratitude will awaken you to new perspectives on life, and lead you down a path to increased hope, positivity, and appreciation for the world around you. Each standalone chapter in the book delves into the author’s insights and personal stories, divided in to 15 topics such as nature, freedom, parents, friends, music, and time. Then, the focus turns to the reader, with simple questions and challenges to guide you through reflection and application of what you’ve learned. This easy-to-read methodical structure is smoothly complemented by the author’s poetic voice and wit, motivational quotes throughout, and charming original illustrations.

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Category: Inspiration, Motivation & Transformation
Category: Best Regional E-Book – Nonfiction

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